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Curbside Pick Up

How do I place an order for curbside pick up?

Order the treats you would like in our new online shop! In order to receive the discount on half or full dozen orders, you will need to select the half or full dozen button and fill in the form. Upon checking out, please select "Contactless Pick Up" under order summary in your shopping cart. Our suggested minimum for orders is $10.

How do I pick up my order?

Your order will be ready approximately 2 hours after it is placed. If your order is placed within the last 2 hours of our open hours or after hours, we will complete your order first thing the following day. Upon arrival at the bakery, text your full name to 614-321-5143 or call 614-784-2253 to speak with us directly. Our text line is always open and is the best way to contact us, as our phone lines may be busy at any given moment. Once we have confirmed your arrival, we will place your order on the rack outside the bakery for contactless pick up and let you know on which numbered shelf it is. Please respect other customers and our staff by giving everyone at least 6 ft of space and wearing a mask. Our address is 3009 N High St. We have limited parking in front of our bakery and street parking is available.

Something isn't right with my order, what do I do?

If something isn’t right with your order, please let us know as soon as you can! You can call or text us and we will find a solution. We appreciate your patience with us as we create new systems that help keep us all safer.


How do I place an order for delivery?

To place your order, head to our new online shop. In order to receive the discount on half or full dozen orders, you will need to select the half or full dozen button and fill in the form. Upon checking out please select "Columbus Delivery" in the drop down menu under order summary in your shopping cart. During check out, you will enter the information for where you'd like your delivery to arrive. Our suggested minimum for orders is $10.

Something isn't right with my order, what do I do?

If something is wrong with your order, please let us know as soon as you can! You can call or text us and we will work with you to find a solution. We appreciate your patience with us as we create new systems that help keep us all of us safer.

Where do you deliver and when can I expect the treats to arrive?

We will be making deliveries Thursday - Saturday in central Ohio inside 270 between 1 pm and 8 pm. The flat rate for deliveries is $8.00. Any orders placed after 12 pm will be delivered the following day that we are scheduled to be open. Please be advised that if you place an order after 12 pm on Saturday, it will not be delivered until the following Thursday. Deliveries will be left on your porch and our driver will text you once it has arrived. Please note that your items may not fare well in the heat; please leave a cooler on your porch for us to place your treats. If your items will not fit in the cooler, however, we will leave it on the porch.

Do you deliver to apartments/dorms/etc?

As we prioritize the health and safety of our staff and community, we are commited to contactless deliveries only. We are happy to deliver to apartments, dorms, restauants, or other facilities, but we will not go inside to hand off a delivery. If the front doors are unlocked, we will leave your wrapped box in the lobby. If we cannot open the front doors, we will need to leave the box outside. If you'd like, you can leave a large cooler (or other container) with your name on it and we will be happy to leave your box of treats inside the container. We will text you once your delivery has arrived. We know this may not work for everyone, and we are happy to arrange a contactless pickup from our shop if our delivery is not a good fit for your needs. Thank you for understanding and working with us as we all aim to keep each other healthy and well!


Are you accepting Gift Cards?

As we work to build contactless systems, we are asking you to hold onto your gift card for later use. However, if that is not a workable option for you, please give us a call at 614.784.2253 and we will create a safe option to use your gift card. If you have a gift card and are able to wait, just a reminder that they do not expire.

Can I get my Cupcake Club card stamped?

Not at this time in which we are doing fully contactless services, but please save receipts starting July 23rd 2020, and we'll stamp cards once we open the shop.

Can I still place an order for a specialty cake?

Of course! We would love to bake you a special cake and are happy to take cake orders with prior notice. Check out our cake menu on our website and give us a call at the bakery, 614.784.2253 to place your order. Please be patient if our lines are busy and try calling again. We are currently asking for 7 days notice on special orders, and as always, are happy to work with you to find a solution for your needs. While we will do everything we can to accommodate your order, there may be times when we are unable; the more notice the better. We appreciate you working with us to create your special treats!

It seems like you are out of my favorite pattycake treat, is that forever?

No way! We have not permanently removed any items from our menu. Some items may simply be out of stock for the day, so please check back. There are a couple treats we have not yet added to our online order system, but we hope to have all our menu items ready soon!

Are we able to come to the bakery and order as usual in the store?

Unfortunately, to protect our staff and community, we are only offering online (or phone ordering for special order cakes) and curbside pick up at this time.

Need a cake ASAP or on shorter notice?

We may also have 6” cakes available for online orders, so be sure to look in our store, if you'd like a cake for sooner than we can accommodate a special order.

I don't see a way to add a tip to my order, can I do that?

Yes, please! Unforuntatley, our current site does not allow you to add a 'traditional' tip. We do have two options to leave a tip for our staff: you can select 'buy a baker a coffee' to add a tip through your check out cart or you can tip us using CashApp. You can go directly to our CashApp here, or find us using $pattycakebakerycoop . As always, Pattycake uses a tip share system, so any tip you leave will be split evenly to all workers.

We realize it's an extra step, and really appreciate you supporting our workers in this way. Thank you!

Are you able to make treats that meet my allergy needs?

We are always happy to work with you to find a treat that will work for your dietary restrictions. There are some needs we may not be able to meet, but there are many we can! If you call us with advanced noticed (7-10 days) we will be happy to make treats that take extra precautions to meet your needs and reduce the risk of cross contaimination. If a product you are allergic to is used in our bakery, there is always a chance (even if we are very cautious) that cross contaimination could occur. Our bakery uses soy, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and other common allergies; please contact us if you have any allergy concerns.

Below is a list of some recipies that do not contain common allergens. Again, without a special order, cross contaimination is more likely so please contact us if your allergy is servere.

Nut Free:
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon cupcakes, I heart chocolate chip cookies, cut out sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, molasses crinkles, chocolate XO cookies, blueberry muffins, banana chocolate chip muffins, cranberry orange muffins, and vanilla, mint, chocolate and pumpkin whoopie pies. Cakes by the slice vary.

Soy free:
Cashew date cardamom truffles, Granola (except Solstice), Hemp flax granola cake, Molasses crinkle, Old school oatmeal raisin, Ginger spice cookie, Cranberry almond cookie, Raw cheesecake, Vanilla-based cake with whipped icing, Chocolate cake with whipped icing. Cakes by the slice vary.

Corn Free:
cashew cardamom date truffles, brownies, and raw cheesecake.

Flax free:
All mffins, all whoopie pies, choclate cake, vanilla cake, and sticky buns.

Gluten Free:
Our gluten free items are listed in our store and we always work to avoid cross contaimination with gluten.

Unforutunatly, we do not have any sugar free options. We do have two truffles that contain no added sugar and are sweetened with dates and fruit juice.




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