Frequently asked questions

Special Orders and Dietary Restrictions

Can I place an order for a specialty cake?

Of course! We would love to bake you a special cake and are happy to take cake orders with prior notice. Check out our cake menu on our website and give us a call at the bakery, 614.784.2253 to place your order. Please be patient if our lines are busy and try calling again. We are currently asking for 7 days notice on special orders, and as always, are happy to work with you to find a solution for your needs. While we will do everything we can to accommodate your order, there may be times when we are unable; the more notice the better. We appreciate you working with us to create your special treats!

Need a cake ASAP or on shorter notice?

We may also have 6” cakes available for online orders, so be sure to look in our store, if you'd like a cake for sooner than we can accommodate a special order.

Are you able to make treats that meet my allergy needs?

We are always happy to work with you to find a treat that will work for your dietary restrictions. There are some needs we may not be able to meet, but there are many we can! If you call us with advanced noticed (7-10 days) we will be happy to make treats that take extra precautions to meet your needs and reduce the risk of cross contaimination. If a product you are allergic to is used in our bakery, there is always a chance (even if we are very cautious) that cross contaimination could occur. Our bakery uses soy, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and other common allergies; please contact us if you have any allergy concerns.

Below is a list of some recipies that do not contain common allergens. Again, without a special order, cross contaimination is more likely so please contact us if your allergy is servere.

Nut Free:
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon cupcakes, I heart chocolate chip cookies, cut out sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, molasses crinkles, chocolate XO cookies, blueberry muffins, banana chocolate chip muffins, cranberry orange muffins, and vanilla, mint, chocolate and pumpkin whoopie pies. Cakes by the slice vary.

Soy free:
Cashew date cardamom truffles, Granola (except Solstice), Hemp flax granola cake, Molasses crinkle, Old school oatmeal raisin, Ginger spice cookie, Cranberry almond cookie, Raw cheesecake, Vanilla-based cake with whipped icing, Chocolate cake with whipped icing. Cakes by the slice vary.

Corn Free:
cashew cardamom date truffles, brownies, and raw cheesecake.

Flax free:
All mffins, all whoopie pies, choclate cake, vanilla cake, and sticky buns.

Gluten Free:
Our gluten free items are listed in our store and we always work to avoid cross contaimination with gluten.

Unforutunatly, we do not have any sugar free options. We do have two truffles that contain no added sugar and are sweetened with dates and fruit juice.

New location

Can I come into the bakery now?

Yes! You can come into the shop at 3870 N High St. We are requiring all customers and staff to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, in our bakery. Children under 2 and those with a disability preventing them from wearing masks are not required to do so.

We are hoping to expand our hours soon, so check the bottom of our site for up to date hours.

What can I get at the bakery?

We will try to have all our regular 'house' items in stock when you arrive, whether you want a single cookie or a couple dozen treats to go, we'll do our best to have you covered! We offer a variety of cookies, small cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other speciality items. All items are vegan and some are gluten free.
However, we do not promise any particular item will be in stock, so if you'd like to ensure your treats are ready and waiting for you, please place an order in our online shop for next day pick up! If you'd like a custom cake you'll need to place a special order 7-10 days in advance by calling us 614-784-2253

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes, we are requiring all customers and staff wear a mask while inside the building. While we know many customers may be vaccinated, we want to ensure the safety of all, including those who are not or cannot be vaccinated. We see this as a disability justice issue and hope you will support our community in being as safe and inclusive as possible.

Children under 2 and those with a disability preventing them from wearing masks are not required to

Can I eat inside the bakery?

We do not have indoor seating, but do have some outdoor seating available.

Do you have restrooms?

As a ‘to-go’ facility, we do not have restrooms available. Luckily, the Whetstone Public Library is right across the street and hase accessible restrooms available.

Can I come into the bakery with my wheelchair?

Yes! There is a handicapped parking spot in our parking lot (behind the bakery, entrance from Acton Rd), as well as a ramp that will lead you to the front entrance. We do not have automatic doors, so please knock if you need assistance.

Is there parking?

Yes! We have a small parking lot behind our bakery, with the entrance located on Acton Rd. There is also some street parking available, though we do ask you to be kind to our neighbors and be careful to not block any driveways.

Online Orders

How do I order online?

Head over to our online shop to place an order for next day pick up. Ordering online for next day pick up means that we’ll have your order ready to go upon your arrival on the next day we are open. While we cannot guarantee product availability, we prioritize fulfilling advanced orders and will communicate with you if there are any issues. We really recommend placing online orders for more than 2 dozen treats.

Should I place my order before I come?

If you are ordering at least a day in advance, then you sure can! You are not required to, as you are welcome to walk in and pick out some tasty treats to take home. If you want to ensure certain treats or know you want more than a couple dozen, we recommend that you do order in advance.

How do I pick up my order?

When you arrives, come on inside and we’ll have the person working up front get your order for you. Please know the full name the order was placed under. If other customers are in line, you will need to wait until a staff member is available to help you.

Can I order online further out than next day?

Yes! As long as your order is placed for a day we are open, advanced orders are always welcome. At check out, you will see a place to 'add a note.' In this section, share what date you'd like your order to be ready.

If you are looking for cake or other specialty items that are not listed, please call us for a speical order.

Is there a way to add a tip when I order online?

Yes! Unfortunately, it’s a little unconventional. To add a tip to your online order, select ‘buy a bakery a coffee’ and enter the quantity you’d like to ‘tip.’ Otherwise, you can add a cash tip when you arrive for your pick up. All tips are shared evenly amongst bakery staff. Thanks for supporting our team!


Do you deliver?

Sometimes! While we do not have a dedicated delivery driver, we can sometimes make local deliveries happen. If you’d like to inquire about a possible delivery, please contact us by phone at 614-784-2253

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! We have gift cards available for purchase in our bakery store front. They are not currently available online and cannot be used online, but can be used for all in store orders.

What's your cupcake card?

For every $10 you spend at Pattycake, you can get a ‘stamp’ on your cupcake card. Once your card is full, you can choose one of our Texas Sized cupcakes for free! Online orders do not ‘work’ towards the cupcake card.

While we were operating as contactless pick up only, we were not providing punches for cupcake cards. If you have receipts from July 23, 2020 and July 11, 2021, we’d be happy to provide those cupcake card punches retroactively. Thanks so much for giving us some understanding around this as we move forward. All previous purchases must be 'redemmed' for cupcake card punches by September 30th, 2021.