pattycake loves sweets.
Decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes with rich fudge icing.
Homestyle chocolate chip cookies with big pieces of walnuts. The sweetest, gooeyest sticky
buns you ever tasted... Pattycake began because we craved delicious dessert and found we
needed to make it ourselves to make it right. We don't exist to pull in the dough, but to
make it, from scratch. We love sweets, and we exult in the challenge to make them as good
as they are (practically) good for you. Always have, always will.

pattycake loves you.
So we want not only to please you with our deliciousness, but also to take care of you. To
this end we hand-make our products using whole grains (unless we want to spoil you with perhaps our spelt fudge brownie or another purely decadent favorite), organic and 100% natural ingredients, minimally refined sugars, zero cholesterol and we would never, ever, even consider feeding you a hydrogenated oil.

pattycake loves animals.
And who doesn't? We are able to make amazing goodies without the hard work of our animal friends , and so we do.

pattycake loves our community.
Have you ever been to Columbus? Or are you one of the lucky ones who live here?
Columbus is home to some of the most amazing people on earth and we are so excited to
live, work, and partner with them! Here are some of our favorites.

umbrella girl productions
rad dog
couchfire collective
junctionview studios
little industries
cmh gourmand
whole world
columbus underground
tony bellaeu

wild goose
clintonville community market
mercy for animals
choose veg
Wholly craft
Sweet Stella Designs
Third Hand Bicycle Co-op
Seagull Bags

pattycake loves the earth.
Just like we want to take care of you, we also want to take care of our planet. And so we
strive to run our bakery with the smallest ecological footprint possible. As mentioned
above, our sweets do not contain animal products (if you want to know more about the link
between animal agriculture and global climate change, click here!) Our packaging
is the greenest we've seen, 100% biodegradeable down to the vegan glue. We re-use cardboard beer boxes from our local food co-op to pack our wholesale orders. We recycle and compost everything possible, to the point where we throw away less than one household container
of trash per week. We use green cleaning products, compact flourescent lighting, and make
our central city wholesale deliveries by bike. Yay earth!

pattycake loves the universe.
We are constantly striving to do the right thing. If you have a suggestion or comment of
how we can do more, please contact us here! May our baking produce happiness in you and yours



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